Getting started for the absolute python beginner

Before running FRETBursts you need to install a python distribution that includes the Jupyter/IPython Notebook application.

You can find a quick guide for installing the software and running your first notebook here:

Once you are able start Jupyter Notebook application and open a notebook you can move to the next section.

Installing FRETBursts

To install FRETBursts, make sure you close Jupyter Notebook, then type the following commands in a terminal (i.e. cmd on Windows or Terminal on OSX):

conda install fretbursts -c conda-forge

The installation should take a few seconds. If you notice any error please report it by opening a new issue on the FRETBursts GitHub Issues.

Running FRETBursts tutorial notebook

Download the ZIP file of FRETBursts notebooks and extract it inside a folder accessible by the Jupyter Notebook App.

Next, in the new Jupyter Notebook Dashboard click on the folder containing the FRETBursts notebooks.

For first time users, we recommend to start from the notebook:

and follow the instructions therein.

Remember, to run the notebooks step-by-step (one cell a time) keep pressing shift + enter. To run the entire notebook in a single step click on menu Cell -> Run All.

For more info how to run/edit a notebook see Running the Jupyter Notebook.