FRETBursts Dependencies

For documentation purposes, this is the list of dependencies to run FRETBursts:

  • Python 3.6+

  • Numpy 1.6+

  • Scipy 0.17+

  • Matplotlib 3+, with QT4 backend (either PyQT4 or PySide) or QT5.

  • PyTables 3.x. To load/save the Photon-HDF5.

  • lmfit 0.9.3+, used for flexible histogram fitting.

  • Jupyter environment: notebook, ipython, ipywidgets.

  • Pandas, for nice table representation and exporting data.

If you want to compile the cython extensions (optional) you also need:

  • cython 0.20 or newer.

  • a C compiler

For developing FRETBursts you should also install

  • sphinx 1.3+ (we use napoleon extension) to build this documentation.

  • pytest to execute the unit tests.

Note that, unless you know what you are doing, you should never install these dependencies manually. Use a scientific python distribution like Continuum Anaconda instead.