FRETBursts Installation

FRETBursts can be installed as a standard python package either via conda or PIP (see below). Being written in python, FRETBursts runs on OS X, Windows and Linux.

For updates on the latest FRETBursts version please refer to the Release Notes (What’s new?).

Installing latest stable version

The preferred way to to install and keep FRETBursts updated is through conda, a package manager used by Anaconda scientific python distribution. If you haven’t done it already, please install the python3 version of Continuum Anaconda distribution (legacy python2 works too but is less updated). Then, you can install or upgrade FRETBursts with:

conda install fretbursts -c conda-forge

After the installation, it is recommended that you download and run the FRETBursts notebooks to get familiar with the workflow. If you don’t know what a Jupyter Notebooks is and how to launch it please see:

See also the FRETBursts documentation section: Running FRETBursts.

Alternative methods: using PIP

Users that prefer to use PIP (the standard python package manager), have to make sure that all the non-pure python dependencies are properly installed (i.e. numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, pyqt, pytables), then use the usual:

pip install fretbursts --upgrade

The previous installs or upgrades FRETBursts to the latest stable release.

Install latest development version

You can install the latest development version directly from GitHub with:

pip install git+git://


Note that the previous command fails if git is not installed.

Alternatively you can clone FRETBursts git repository and run from the source folder the following commands:

python build
pip install .

The optimized C extensions are installed in both cases. Make sure that the dependencies lmfit and seaborn have been installed.

Note that to do an “editable” or “source” installation, i.e. executing FRETBursts from the source folder you need to add -e to the lasted command:

pip install . -e

In this case, modifications in the source files would be immediately available on the next FRETBursts import.